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Q. Why should I hire a handyman?

A.  Usually a handyman is well versed in many areas of the trade.  A qualified handyman will be able to take care of all your home repair

     needs with one phone call.

Q. Are you insured?

A.  Yes we carry a $1M general liability policy.

Q. Have you had any claims filed against you or your insurance?

A.  In 23 years we have not had a single claim for any reason filed against us or our insurance.

Q. Do you do background checks on your workers?

A.  Yes, we do extensive background checks on everyone.

Q. Can I purchase the materials?

A.  Yes, you can purchase materials or we can with no mark-up.

Q. Can I get a discount on the rates?

A.  We have several different ways to receive discounts.  Please see our promos page for details.

Q. Is there a guarantee on your work?

A.  All of our work has a satisfaction guarantee for up to 1 year.

Q. Do we need permits?

A.  All upgrades done to your home require permits.

Q. Do we need a contractor to pull permits?

A.  No, any home owner can pull permits for work done on their home.

Q. What is a "home superhero"?

A.  A "home superhero" is someone who can give you complete piece of mind in knowing that your biggest investment (your home) will be

     protected and maintained properly.

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Last Updated: Sept 09, 2008