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One Worker   Click here to schedule

$120.00 *service call 1st hour

$75.00 per hour after

( *service call rate waived on jobs over 3 hours, savings of $45.00)



Two workers

$130.00 per hour

$260.00 minimum (2 hrs)

(Each additional worker billed at $55.00 per hour)


Monthly Maintenance Plans available

Sign up for a monthly maintenance plan to recieve a discount on the rates. Up to $20.00 off per hour if you sign up for on going maintenance.

4 hrs per month at $65.00 per hour

8 hrs per month at $55.00 per hour

10% discount given on additional hours.


  • See Below for rate comparisons 
  • Introducing more for less pricing, the larger the job the lower the rate

* each additional worker billed at $55.00 per hour

* $75.00 fee for picking up materials if done prior to start of job     

* $120.00 minimum (one worker)

* special rates available for HOA's and ongoing accounts

* construction management is 15% of job

* walk-through's: $75.00 applied to job when completed

   (job must be started within 30 days)



Specialty Job Rates

*Rates vary for all specialty jobs.

Please call for quote.


Rate Comparisons

  I feel so strongly about our quality of work that I have done all the research for you, in fact if your not 100% satisfied with us I will make your next appointment for you with one of our competitors.

                                                                                             - Flash Shelton-


Company Name                            Rates                                     Min charge                1/2 day             full day               2nd worker    

Mr Handyman       $280.00 for 1st 2 hours $55.00 each 1/2 hr     $280.00                  $500.00             $940.00              same rate x2

Handyman Solution                   $95.00 hr                                     $95.00                    $380.00             $760.00              $47.50 hr

Woodland Hills Handyman        $95.00 hr                                     $95.00                    $380.00             $760.00                 N/A

R&K Handyman     $100.00 1st hr $85.00 each additional            $100.00                 $355.00              $695.00              same rate x2

Your 1 Handyman (US)$120.00 1st hr $75.00 each additional     $120.00                 $300.00              $600.00              $50.00hr

A&H Handyman                      Bids all work                                   $185.00                     N/A                     N/A                     N/A

Joe the Handyman    Bids all work, when asked about 1hr job he said $120.00             N/A                     N/A                     N/A

Handyman Connection          Bids all work                                 wont give rate               N/A                     N/A                     N/A

*All information was obtained by me through phone conversations with all listed company's and accurate as of August 2008. No attempt to verify quality of competitors work was made.

*Rate comparisons are done twice annually to maintain competitive pricing.







Last Updated: January 13, 2011