Tips & Advice

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1. Use an old nylon stalking on the end of a washing machine drain hose to catch lint and help prevent drainage clogging.

2. When using drywall mud/plaster pour a layer of water on top before closing to help prevent drying out.

3. When hiring a contractor for a remodel or big project, ask to separate the materials from the labor.  You purchase the material on account. To prevent mark up.

4. Use Vaseline on the threads of a light bulb it prevents sticking and breaking inside the socket.

5. Use a dimmer to save energy and prolong the life of light bulbs.

6. Use regular laundry bleach to remove mold.

7. Use a carrot to remove a broken light bulb.

8. Always use better quality paints, better resins to adhere and will last longer, higher quality pigments to cover better and are less likely to fade. (We recommend Dunn Edwards Paints)

9. Use tooth picks to repair a wood screw that keeps coming loose on a door hinge. (Remove screw and fill the hole with tooth picks and re install screw).

10. The most important tip of all, If you don't have the right tool for the job... then call us.




Last Updated: June 1, 2006